Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), a leader in professional comic book certification, pioneered witnessed signature authentication when it introduced CGC Signature Series — a certification service that assures signatures are 100% authentic.

Why CGC Signature Series?

Every year, fans bring their prized collectibles to comic cons and other pop culture conventions around the world. They travel far and wide with just one goal in mind — to have their collectibles signed by artists, writers, creators and celebrities.

Getting collectibles signed by fan favorites has been a part of the hobby since its inception, and today, signed collectibles are highly-sought items. Signature authenticity has always been a concern, however, because collectibles rarely come with a foolproof guarantee.

CGC Signature Series is the solution!

With CGC Signature Series, collectors can have their comic books, magazines, posters and prints signed by artists and creators in the presence of a CGC representative. The authenticity of the signature is then 100% certain, making the collectible eligible for the iconic CGC Signature Series yellow label.

The CGC Signature Series Label

The yellow CGC Signature Series label is given to collectibles that have been signed by someone of significance to the item. These labels will generally be issued only to items signed under the direct observation of a CGC representative. In select instances, CGC may accept signed books directly from the signer or publisher. The signatures are then authenticated by CGC with labels indicating who signed them, when they were signed and, in some cases, where they were signed.

After the collectible is signed in the presence of a CGC authorized witness, it is immediately submitted to CGC for expert grading and encapsulation in the state-of-the-art, CGC holder that bears the prestigious yellow label. Your collectible is then safely returned to you to become a treasured part of your collection.

When buying and selling collectibles, CGC Signature Series is the hobby’s only 100% authenticated signature!

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