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If you collect comics, you know CGC — the world leader in comic book grading. Founded in 2000, CGC provides an accurate, consistent and impartial assessment of authenticity and grade, backed by a comprehensive guarantee. CGC is part of the Certified Collectibles Group, whose mission is to empower collectors with services that ignite passion, create value and build community.

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What is CGC Certification Verification?

Enter a collectible’s CGC certification number (highlighted in the image) to confirm its description in CGC's database. This tool can help you to verify that your CGC holder is genuine and has not been tampered with.

What is Confirm Package Delivery?

Enter your package’s tracking number to confirm whether it has been delivered to CGC's facility.

Submit Collectibles

Learn how to submit collectibles to CGC for grading and encapsulation.

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CGC Census

View population reports for CGC comics, magazines and lobby cards.

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CGC Registry

Display your comic books and compete with other collectors for best sets.

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Collectibles We Grade

No other third-party grading service compares to CGC when it comes to the certification of pop culture collectibles, including comic books, trading cards, video games, home video, magazines, concert posters and lobby cards. Plus, our services are continually growing.

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Comic Book Grading

Starting in 2000, CGC revolutionized comic book collecting with accurate and impartial grading and state-of-the-art protective holders. Today, CGC is the definitive leader in comic book certification.

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CGC Signature Series

CGC is the leader in witnessed signature authentication. From facilitating signings at shows to hosting In-House Private Signings, CGC Signature Series connects fans and comic book creators.

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Maximize your comic books’ potential before grading. With proven processes that enhance appearance, CGC is the world’s leading comic book pressing, restoration and restoration removal service.

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