Frequently Asked Questions


What collectibles will be graded by CGC?

For a list of collectibles accepted by NGC UK for CGC grading, click here.

NGC UK is NOT currently accepting trading card submissions.

What does the CGC guarantee cover?

Due to the fragile nature of comic books, CGC does not offer a grading guarantee. However, CGC does offer the following guarantee: a) CGC guarantees that two or more comic professionals will review every comic book submitted for grading. b) CGC guarantees its holder to be free of defects. Defective holders will be replaced at no charge, except when it is determined (at CGC's sole discretion) that the holder was subjected to abuse, or if damage is the result of storage in a hazardous environment. c) CGC guarantees that all books it certifies are authentic, as described on the CGC grading label.

What are your grading standards for comic books?

The CGC grading standard was developed by taking a consensus of grades assigned to a variety of comic books by a nationwide pool of experts that included comic book dealers and leading collectors. CGC realizes that comic book grading is an art that develops from years of experience, and while a consistently applied standard of grading eliminates much of the subjectivity and risk, grading itself is NOT an exact science and remains subjective. That's why it is reasonable to expect that slight variances may exist between CGC grading standards and the standards of some dealers and collectors. CGC strives to consistently apply the most accurate grading standard to assure that the grades of comic books are properly represented to the widest possible audience.

Does CGC grade magazine-size or treasury-size books?

CGC does grade magazine-size books but does not grade treasury-size books.

Does CGC perform pressing or dry cleaning?

CGC does not perform pressing, dry cleaning or any similar treatments for comic books. These and other services are available from our affiliated company, Classic Collectible Services (CCS). To learn more, visit the website or call +44 (0) 20 3968 3848. Please note that pressing and/or dry cleaning performed incorrectly or on a comic book exhibiting certain flaws — such as slightly brittle pages, weak spine, cover wear at staple and/or other defects — can damage the comic book and lower its grade.

Does CGC certify sealed poly-bagged books?

CGC does not certify sealed poly-bagged books. To have a poly-bagged book certified by CGC, you must remove the book from its poly-bag or send written approval authorizing CGC to remove it. The words “Poly-bag removed” appear on the CGC label.

How do I know that the comic I'm buying is the same book CGC certified?

CGC has a number of technologically advanced security measures built into its holders. Once a comic is certified, any future attempt to open the holder will be visibly evident.

Why should I return a label of an opened or "cracked out" certified book?

You should always return a label of any opened certified book. This helps keep the CGC Census accurate. The CGC Census is a detailed database of all the comic books we have graded and their respective grades, and it has become an important resource in assessing the availability of certified comic books.

What is a pedigree?

A pedigree is an exceptional and widely known original owner collection. CGC considers the following criteria when determining Pedigree status of a collection: The collection must be original owner. The collection must be of vintage material. The collection must consist of a considerable number of comics. The collection must be high-grade. For detailed information, please visit our Pedigree resources page.

Does NGC UK attend comic cons and trade shows?

Yes, NGC UK and CGC attend the major comic cons. At these shows, NGC UK's Customer Service is available to answer your questions and take submissions.

View a list of events and shows that NGC UK will be attending

Signature Series

Does CGC grade autographed books?

CGC does grade autographed books. If a book is signed without an NGC UK or a CGC authorized representative witness present, it will receive a Qualified label (green), and will receive a Qualified grade. No authentication of signature is provided for books that do not have a CGC Signature Series label.

What is the CGC Signature Series label?

The prestigious CGC Signature Series label (yellow) is applied to comic books that have been signed by someone of significance to the comic, under the direct observation of an NGC UK or a CGC authorized representative witness. The signatures are authenticated by CGC and the labels indicate who signed the book, the date it was signed and, in some cases, the location of where it was signed.

What if I get the book signed before submitting the book to NGC UK?

Unfortunately, if the signing is not witnessed by someone authorized by NGC UK or CGC, then the signature cannot be authenticated for the Signature Series label. Testimonials, photographs, and video recordings are not accepted.

Are restored comic books eligible for CGC Signature Series?

Yes. Restored comic books are eligible for the CGC Signature Series Restored label, which is yellow with a purple bar across the top. The degree of restoration and details of the work performed are noted on the label. As with all CGC Signature Series books, the signing must be witnessed by NGC UK or CGC authorized representative.

What signings are approved for CGC Signature Series?

Most signings are prearranged. Any signing where an NGC UK or a CGC authorized representative witness is in attendance is eligible. This includes comic book conventions and public signings, such as ones that occur at comic book stores. In select instances, NGC UK may accept signed books directly from the signer/publisher.

How can I set up my own Signature Series signing?

If you are already an NGC UK Member Dealer, it may be easier than you think! Contact NGC UK Customer Service

How do I get my book signed if I am not going to a convention?

NGC UK can arrange for an authorized facilitator to acquire signatures on behalf of customers.

CGC Grading Process

What is the CGC grading process?

When a submission is received by NGC UK, it is opened by trained staff under security cameras. Each collectible is entered into NGC UK’s proprietary system and assigned a unique identification number and barcode that will track it throughout every stage of the grading process. Relevant submission information, including a description of each book, is entered into a proprietary computer tracking system.

NGC UK sends submissions with insurance coverage (based on the submitter’s declared value) to CGC headquarters in the US for authentication, grading and encapsulation. Upon arrival at CGC headquarters, the submission’s status is updated, and the collectibles are separated from the submission paperwork so that CGC’s graders never know the submitter's identity, which ensures impartiality.

Collectibles that are determined to be authentic are graded according to CGC’s grading standards and encapsulated in CGC’s secure, tamper-evident holders designed for long-term preservation. They are then rechecked for accuracy and quality, imaged and returned to NGC UK, again with insurance coverage based on the submitter’s declared value.

What measures are in place at CGC and NGC UK to ensure the safety of my books?

CGC headquarters is a secure 6,000-square-meter purpose‐built facility with two large vaults, a staff of armed guards and more than 150 security cameras. NGC UK also has extensive security measures in place to protect books in its care.

All submissions are opened under security cameras and each book is immediately assigned a unique identification number that is used to track it throughout every stage of the grading process. All books are fully insured while in CGC and NGC UK's possession and are handled only by trained staff.

When I submit my books, what assurances can you offer with regard to confidentiality and anonymity?

NGC UK and CGC will discuss the details of each transaction only with the original submitter to provide complete confidentiality for all parties. NGC UK and CGC will not release any information concerning the certification of your comics without permission. As part of NGC UK and CGC's internal processes, complete anonymity is also ensured by a system of internal checks and balances. Comics receive generic barcoding upon receipt and CGC’s separate receiving department does not convey any information about the submitter to the graders. Therefore, the comic owner’s identity is also completely unknown to CGC graders.

Do you buy, sell or appraise comics and magazines?

No. NGC UK and CGC do not buy, sell or appraise books to maintain their independence. NGC UK and CGC are focused on providing expert and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade.

CGC is described as independent and third-party. What does that mean?

NGC UK and CGC do not buy or sell comic books and do not have a financial interest in the comic books that they certify. In fact, NGC UK and CGC employees are prohibited from buying and selling comic books commercially.

Holdered Comics and Magazines

Why does CGC use different colored labels and what do they mean?

CGC uses different colored labels to easily demarcate each grade category. CGC labels can be blue, green, purple or yellow, or a mixture of colors. Click here to view the full description of each label.

Will your holder increase or decrease the safety of my comics?

The CGC holder is designed to securely hold your comic book and provide years of protection from many environmental hazards. All of the materials used inside the CGC holder are tested and proven to be archival-safe, and the holder is designed to be the first line of defense in a prudent plan for storage. CGC’s research and design team created a holder that is truly unique and unrivaled for its protection and preservation of comic books.

NGC UK Collector Membership

What are the benefits of the NGC UK Collector membership and how do I join?

Paid NGC UK Collector members receive direct submission privileges as well as various discounts. Click here for details.

Can I make submissions to other CCG companies?

Yes. Your NGC UK Collector membership entitles you to submit to NGC International UK Ltd. (NGC UK) as well as Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS) Paper Money Guaranty (PMG), Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) and Classic Collectible Services (CCS).

Does the grading credit I receive with my NGC UK Premium Collector membership expire?

Yes. This credit expires one year from the day it is issued.

How do I use my NGC UK membership credit?

If you joined as an NGC UK Premium or Elite Collector member, your £120 grading credit will be posted to your account instantly. It will then be automatically applied to your submissions to NGC UK for your collectibles (coins, notes, comics and magazines as well) until the credit is exhausted.

If you have a member credit, you must still provide a valid payment method to cover the handling fees.

Can my CGC grading credit be applied to CCS services or any other charges?

No. CGC grading credits can only be applied to CGC grading fees, not shipping, handling, CCS services or any other service.

Now that I have direct submission rights to your grading services, can I submit on behalf of my friends?

No. Your membership is valid for submissions of your collectibles ONLY. You may not submit on behalf of any third party.

Can I transfer my membership credit to a friend to use?

No. The credit is only valid for the member to whom it was issued.

Is my membership refundable?

Because of the benefits you received with your membership, a prorated refund is generally not available. However, if you have signed up for auto‐renewal and have not used any grading credits that you may have received, you may cancel your membership within 30 days of auto‐renewal to receive a refund of your membership fees. Contact NGC UK Customer Service at or + 44 (0) 20 3968 3848 for more information.

How to Submit to NGC UK

Where is CGC located?

CGC’s headquarters is a secure 6,000-square-meter purpose‐built facility in Sarasota, Florida, USA. In the UK, NGC International UK Ltd. (NGC UK), an affiliate of CGC, operates a submission office in Bloomsbury, London.

How do I contact NGC UK?

NGC UK may be contacted by post, telephone or email.

NGC International UK Ltd.
69 Southampton Row,
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3968 3848
Fax: +44 (0) 20 3968 3849

How do I submit comic books to NGC UK for certification?

NGC UK Collector members may submit their books directly. Join today!

Once you are a member, you can schedule an appointment to drop off your submissions at NGC UK’s London office, or you can ship your submissions to NGC UK.

To schedule an appointment to drop off at the London office:

Contact NGC UK on +44 (0) 20 3968 3848 or at You must schedule an appointment to submit in person.

To arrange a shipment to the London office:

The submitter is responsible for selecting the carrier and level of insurance. NGC UK is not liable for losses or damage to books in transit. Shipments should be addressed to:

NGC International UK Ltd.
69 Southampton Row, Third Floor
London, United Kingdom

Note: Submissions sent through the mail must be delivered to NGC UK’s London office during normal business hours.

To arrange a shipment from the London office:

Fill out the UK Return Shipping Form, which can be found here. Make sure to:

  • Enter all information requested in the form.
  • Select your own carrier (which requires a completed shipping label) or authorize NGC UK to arrange shipping and insurance by Malca-Amit according to the rate table in the form (recommended).
  • Make sure you sign your form.
  • Include the completed form with your submission.

Note: If a UK Return Shipping Form is not included with a submission, NGC UK will hold the books at its London office for pick-up.

Payments to NGC UK are accepted by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, electronic transfer and cheque. NGC UK has online payment portals to make it easier for clients to pay securely by credit card. To learn more, click here.

Many NGC UK Authorized Dealers also accept submissions from the public.

How does Brexit affect submissions to CGC?

Submissions to NGC UK from customers located outside of the UK may be subject to import duties upon arrival in the UK. Customers are responsible for all costs, including any import duties, incurred when shipping to NGC UK. (NGC UK covers all shipping costs between its London office and its US headquarters.)

NGC UK will not ship submissions to customers in the EU. Customers located outside of the UK will need to make their own arrangements to pick up collectibles from NGC UK.

NGC UK encourages customers within the EU to submit to its Germany affiliate, NGC International GmbH (NGC GmbH), to avoid additional costs and complexities due to Brexit. For more information about NGC GmbH, visit (for coins) or (for paper money).

Alternatively, EU customers may also consider submitting directly to NGC UK’s US headquarters. For more information, visit (for coins), (for paper money) or (for comics, trading cards, magazines and posters).

Can my submission be sent to NGC UK and sent back to me?

No, submissions must be dropped by and picked up at the office. Contact NGC UK on +44 (0) 20 3968 3848 or at to schedule an appointment to drop off your submissions. You must schedule an appointment to submit. NGC UK does not accept submissions by post at this time.

How do I access the submission forms?

To access submission forms, simply log in, click on the profile symbol (head icon) in the upper right corner of the website and click on "My Submissions." Select the appropriate form for your location and collectible type.

What is the cost of grading?

NGC UK's grading fees are generally based on a book's fair market value and the submitter's desired turnaround time. For a comprehensive list of all NGC UK grading tiers, service tiers, fees and requirements, click here.

How do I know which grading tier to choose?

NGC UK grading tiers are primarily organized based on the book’s value and, in some cases, the book’s type. The higher-priced tiers offer higher maximum value limits while the lower-priced tiers have lower maximum value limits. You can choose the appropriate tier based on the book's value, the desired turnaround time and any special tier requirements. For a comprehensive list of all NGC UK grading tiers, service tiers, fees and requirements, click here.

What if I undervalue my comic book?

If NGC UK determines that a comic book's value likely exceeds the maximum value allowed under the selected tier, NGC UK may move the collectible to a higher tier and adjust the conservation or grading fees accordingly. It is important that you assign an accurate value to the collectibles that you submit to NGC UK.

What is the "Image" option under Additional Services on the submission form?

If chosen, CGC provides digital imaging of the cover of items submitted under any of its grading and service tiers for £4 per item. This consists of accurate, high-resolution images (sent by email) of the front and back of the collectible, shown encapsulated in its CGC holder. It applies to all collectibles on the form. So, when selecting this service, and if you do not wish this service to apply to all your collectibles, simply submit the collectibles you wish to have imaged on one form and the ones you do not wish to have imaged on a separate form.

What if my book has a COA (Certificates of Authenticity)?

Please do not send COAs into CGC along with your books. We will not need them and cannot guarantee that they will be returned along with your submission.

Can I check the grade of my submission before I get it back?

The CGC company websites offer a free Submission Tracking resource that enables you to check the status of your submission as it makes its way through the certification process. The Submission Tracking tool is the quickest and easiest way to see that your submission has been received, whether it has been graded and when it is on its way back to you. Grades are available to view online when a submission's status is "Shipped." 

Customer Service representatives do not provide the grades of submissions over the phone.

To access Submission Tracking, simply log in to your account by clicking "Sign In" at the upper right of the CGC website and then clicking on "My Submissions" under your profile symbol.