About CGC

Certified Guaranty Company (CGC®) revolutionized the comic book marketplace when it was founded in 2000 by providing clear, objective and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade. Today, CGC is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for comics, magazines, concert posters and related collectibles with more than 6 million collectibles certified since 2000.

Our Grading

CGC employs a team of more than 20 professional graders. Multiple experts examine each collectible and assign a grade according to a well-established and internationally accepted standard.
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Our Holder

CGC’s state-of-the-art holder combines superior optics and advanced archival materials to provide the best in display and preservation. A tamper-evident seal and numerous security features provides an even higher level of confidence.
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Our Guarantee

Every CGC-certified collectible is backed by the industry-leading CGC Guarantee, which provides greater protection for both buyers and sellers.
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Benefits of CGC Grading

Accurate, consistent and impartial grading from CGC has made the hobby safer, more transparent and more vibrant. Collectors and dealers trust that any collectible graded by CGC has been authenticated, checked for restoration and graded according to widely accepted standards by multiple professionals. They also know that it has been encapsulated in a tamper-evident holder designed for long-term preservation. This added confidence and protection has made it easier and safer to buy, sell and collect comic books. Learn more >

Higher Prices Realized

Collectors and dealers trust the accuracy and integrity of CGC, which results in higher prices realized for CGC-certified collectibles. In fact, CGC graded the world’s most valuable comic book, an Action Comics #1 that realized £2,073,700 after it was certified by CGC.

Beyond Comic Book Grading

CGC grades more than just comic books. Magazines, movie lobby cards, vintage photographs and concert posters are all eligible for CGC certification. Note: NGC UK accepts comics, magazine and CGC Signature Series only at this time.

NGC UK is NOT currently accepting trading card submissions.

In 2009, CGC introduced grading and encapsulation for magazines, starting with Sports Illustrated and Playboy and expanding to most of today’s best-known titles.

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In 2001, CGC pioneered witnessed signature authentication when it introduced CGC Signature Series® — a certification service that assures signatures are 100% authentic.

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CGC has extended its services to third-party grading and certification of concert posters from five of the most highly coveted vintage poster series.

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